Uploadcare Review

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Uploadcare Review

Uploadcare is a comprehensive solution designed to simplify file uploading, processing, and delivery for web and mobile applications. It offers a user-friendly HTML5 uploading widget and a robust API that can be seamlessly integrated into any tech stack.

Uploadcare is built to be developer-friendly, providing powerful tools to handle files smartly and efficiently. It includes integrated apps for file validation, management, and analysis, and supports the creation of custom workflows for batch processing via its REST API.

The platform offers a range of features designed to enhance user experience and SEO. These include image optimization, which can reduce image size by up to 80%, and automatic conversion of images to efficient next-gen formats like AVIF and WEBP.

Uploadcare also supports a variety of image transformations, such as cropping, resizing, and color adjustment, all of which can be performed using simple URL commands. It also offers AI object tagging for accurate recognition of people, objects, and content in images.

Additional features include detailed media insights, size and type filtering for safer file handling, a malware scanner to prevent the upload of infected or malicious files, and custom metadata addition. It also supports video processing, document conversion, and automatic background removal in photos.

With Uploadcare, you can process media on the fly before it’s delivered to your app or website. This is done by changing URL parameters, allowing for efficient transformations. The platform is designed to be a complete out-of-the-box solution, built by engineers for engineers.

Uploadcare Features

Uploadcare is a comprehensive file handling platform designed to streamline the process of uploading, processing, and delivering files for applications. It offers a robust set of features that cater to various needs:

  1. Uploading: Uploadcare provides a user-friendly File Uploader, a responsive HTML5 widget that can be easily integrated and customized to match your stack and branding. It supports direct, multipart, and URL uploading, adding custom metadata, and getting malware scanner reports. It also supports large file uploads up to 5TB in size.
  2. Storage: Secure, compliant, and durable storage for your files. Only originally uploaded files take up storage space: derivatives made with URL API are cached directly on their CDN, providing unlimited file versions.
  3. Delivery: Uploadcare’s Smart CDN ensures every uploaded file is immediately available globally. It offers on-the-fly image optimization, proxy delivery for remote media files, auto responsive images, and multiple CDN vendors for maximum performance.
  4. Processing: With the URL API, you can process images on the fly. It supports smart image compression, automated AVIF and WebP, auto image format, resize & crop, content-aware smart cropping, smart resize, and many more.
  5. Management: Uploadcare provides a REST API for handling all things files. It also offers content info for detailed insights on your uploaded files, custom metadata, AWS Rekognition for object recognition, webhooks for subscribing to file events, multiuser projects for team collaboration, usage analytics, access logs, custom storage, backup storage, and migration support.

This platform is designed to power up file uploading, processing, and delivery for your app in one sitting, providing a robust solution for file handling needs.

Uploadcare Pricing

Uploadcare offers a variety of pricing plans to cater to different needs and budgets. Here’s a summary:

  1. Demo Plan: This is perfect for passion projects and simple websites. It includes features such as an uploading widget, API, basic image transformations, delivery through a CDN, signed uploads, webhooks, and support for 2 team members. The maximum file size is 10 MB. This plan is free of charge.
  2. Pro Plan: This plan extends your team’s digital media capabilities for websites and apps. It includes everything in the Demo plan, plus auto-moderation on upload, malicious content filtering, automated image optimization, content-aware crop and resize, automated responsive images, document conversion, video processing, custom CDN CNAME support, signed URLs, and support for 3 team members.
  3. Business Plan: This plan is for large-scale applications managing tons of digital media. It includes everything in the Pro plan, plus automated AVIF compression, uploading widget whitelabeling, custom Upload API domain, custom OAuth applications, a dedicated solution engineer, performance & security review, and support for 4 team members.
  4. Enterprise Plan: This plan is built for companies who want to scale with confidence and require advanced security, custom pricing, and more. It includes enterprise-grade security, HIPAA compliance, custom billing, SOC2 Report, a dedicated solution architect, custom SLA, and a private Slack channel.

The exact pricing for these plans is not explicitly stated on the website and may require contacting Uploadcare for more information.

Uploadcare operates on a soft limits basis, meaning you won’t be immediately cut off or charged extra fees without warning if you exceed the allowed usage limits in your subscription plan. Instead, Uploadcare will notify you and ask that you consider upgrading to a plan better suited to your usage needs.

Uploadcare currently accepts major credit and debit cards for payment. For subscribers of the Enterprise plan, payments via bank transfers are also available.

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