Typedesk Review

Typedesk is a versatile canned responses application that is utilized by thousands of businesses across various sectors. It is compatible with numerous platforms such as Gmail, Zendesk, Helpscout, and Facebook, among others.

For customer support and customer success management, Typedesk can enhance customer satisfaction by enabling quick responses across all platforms. It also facilitates team collaboration by allowing shared responses and aids in customer onboarding.

Sales teams can leverage Typedesk to spend more time selling by sending improved cold emails, organizing email responses better, and easily sending booking links and quotes.

Marketing agencies and consultants can use Typedesk to concentrate on their clients, send questions and briefs quickly, create follow-up and email templates, and share information effortlessly with their team.

Administrative professionals can use Typedesk to complete tasks on time, quickly send out customized contracts, keep useful company information at hand, and respond to emails faster.

Accountants and bookkeepers can use Typedesk to expedite their filing process, customize payroll emails quickly, perform calculations automatically, and ensure no placeholders are forgotten.

Lawyers and law firms can use Typedesk to ensure consistency in their communications, quickly send out consultancy estimates, easily send document requests, and draft legal notices with ease.

Typedesk Pricing

Here’s a rewritten version of the pricing information for Typedesk:

Free Plan This is a limited version that is perfect for getting started. It includes up to 10 templates, is for single use only, and comes with self-service assistance. This plan is free of charge.

Premium Plan For a monthly fee of $14.99 per user, you can upgrade to the Premium Plan. This plan includes everything from the Free Plan, plus unlimited templates, the ability to share templates with your team, integration with OpenAI, access to all apps, image uploads, and email assistance.

Enterprise Plan The Enterprise Plan is designed for teams starting at 11 people. In addition to everything included in the Premium Plan, it offers custom onboarding, SSO & Auto-join, team metrics, webhooks, managed account creation, managed import, and chat & Zoom assistance. For pricing details, you need to contact Typedesk directly.

All plans include a variety of features such as dynamic variables & templates, response variants for localization, online backup of your responses, and compatibility with Windows, Mac, Chrome & Firefox. The number of templates you can have depends on the plan you choose.

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