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Tweet Hunter Review
Tweet Hunter

Tweet Hunter is a comprehensive tool designed to assist in the growth and monetization of your Twitter audience. It is an all-in-one Twitter growth tool, designed to make it as easy as possible for you to create high-performing content, build an audience around your topics of expertise, monetize, and attract opportunities.

The tool is suitable for anyone looking to build a Twitter following and generate more sales, subscribers, clients, or any business goal through Twitter. It caters to all audience sizes, from those just starting out to those with an established following.

Tweet Hunter assists in every stage of growing a Twitter account, from creating more and better tweets and threads, increasing their reach, improving the business ROI they drive, to engaging with other people. It has developed an advanced, Twitter-dedicated AI engine and custom features that exist nowhere else in the market.

The pricing for Tweet Hunter starts at $49/mo, which includes every single feature except for those involving AI-writing. The superior plan that includes AI-writing costs $99/mo, but significant discounts are offered depending on your follower size.

Tweet Hunter also emphasizes the importance of consistency and effort in growing a Twitter following. It encourages users to be consistent in their presence on Twitter and to focus on building relationships rather than just increasing follower count.

Key Features:

  • Content Creation: Tweet Hunter provides a searchable library of over 2 million high-performing tweets and a collection of over 4,000 staff-curated tweets across 10 categories. It offers automatic inspiration suggestions, daily custom & ready-to-publish tweets, thread ideas, and a thread hook generator. The AI-powered TweetPredict function predicts your tweet’s performance before you post it.
  • Automate & Schedule: Tweet Hunter allows you to automate tasks like periodically retweeting yourself and sending direct messages to those who engage with your tweets. You can schedule tweets and threads, generate and store drafts of your tweets, and determine the optimal time to tweet based on follower activity.
  • Twitter CRM: Tweet Hunter can act as a CRM tool for your Twitter account. You can look up trending tweets in your category and extract user data for those who interacted with those tweets. You can import and organize accounts into lists based on past interactions or manual selection and add personal notes to each contact.
  • Analytics Tools: Tweet Hunter provides a variety of analytics tools that allow you to track the top tweets with the most followers, engagement, and reach. You can organize your tweets by date and performance and track trends in daily follower growth and individual tweet performance.

What We Like About Tweet Hunter

  1. Auto DM: Users appreciate the Auto DM function, which allows them to send automated messages to those who engage with their tweets. This feature is particularly useful for growing an email list or selling a product.
  2. Tweet Inspiration: With its library of high-performing tweets and staff-curated tweets, users find it easy to find content inspiration. The AI-generated tweets and prompts help users spend less time on content creation.
  3. Auto Plug: This feature allows users to automatically add a plugin to their tweet once it reaches a certain threshold of likes. This is particularly useful for those trying to grow an email list or sell a product.

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