The Best Midjourney Logo Prompts

The Best Midjourney Logo Prompts

Are you a designer looking to create impactful logos that resonate with your target audience? Look no further! In this blog, we will dive deep into the world of midjourney logo prompts and how they can help you achieve design success. We will explore different types of logos, including lettermark logos, emblem logos, and mascot logos, and understand their significance in branding. Additionally, we will address common issues in logo design and provide practical tips on how to fix bad text and enhance your overall logo design. Get ready to take your logo design skills to the next level with our expert insights and guidance.

Abstract Logo Prompts

Prompt: a bright red and black spiral fire logo design, in the style of light gray and dark blue, avian-themed, use of paper, intel core, masterful shading, zbrush, dark white and light orange –ar 35:34

Prompt: opco studio creates a new logo, in the style of energy-filled illustrations, detailed feather rendering, lyubov popova, nabis, dragoncore, light red and dark blue, unreal engine 5 –ar 35:34

Prompt: logo design for a software company with the letter g, in the style of dark navy and light crimson, paper sculptures, flamboyant, clear and precise bird art, unreal engine 5, light orange and light gray, eye-catching –ar 35:34

Prompt: if you are the president of a software company, you do want to make sure that when you see your logo that you can see it clearly, in the style of expressive abstract forms, life-like avian illustrations, unreal engine 5, light navy and red, jay defeo, symbolic nabis, energetic and bold –ar 35:34

Prompt: logo free golden lettering design for emrach engraver, in the style of futuristic realism, emile claus, multilayered realism, amir zand, isometric, energetic abstracts, powerful symbolism –ar 35:36

Prompt: emrach a brand logo that is made of gold and black, in the style of grzegorz domaradzki, multilayered realism, ryan hewett, toonami, colorful and energetic, charming realism, emphasizes feelings over reality –ar 35:36

Prompt: logo design for emrach, in the style of futuristic realism, dark gold, elegant realism, futuristic fragmentation, zbrush, emphasizes emotion over realism, neue sachlichkeit –ar 35:36

Prompt: the logo for emrach, in the style of light black and bronze, optic art, multilayered realism, elegant realism, rich colors –ar 35:36

Prompt: l’eventide de banjo de raon gallier, in the style of raw abstraction, logo, precisionist, visually tactile surfaces, gold and black, hand-drawn elements, schizowave –ar 35:36

Prompt: the summer is finally here a a ’round’ icon with a sunset with mountains and water, in the style of layered imagery with subtle irony, dan matutina, detailed shading, rtx, colorful drawings, cabincore, highly detailed

Gradient Logo Prompts

Prompt: a colorful painting of feathers and an eye in the word’vet’, in the style of gradient color blends, logo, applecore, velvia, subtle ink application, rounded, installation creator

Prompt: bird in the wind – logo vector clip art, in the style of luminous watercolors, psychedelic-inspired, velvia, made of feathers, matte photo, yankeecore, applecore

Prompt: mountain ranges in a triangle, in the style of multi-coloured minimalism, anamorphic lens, digital gradient blends, alex alemany, logo, landscapist, cryptidcore

Prompt: logo for gsend, in the style of colorful gradients, vray tracing, grandiose color schemes, the pictures generation, captivating chiaroscuro –ar 35:36

Prompt: a colorful circle that reads ve, and has the words, in the style of fine feather details, artgerm, rainbowcore, minimalist ink wash, logo, nature-inspired imagery, drugcore

Prompt: a colorful triangle shaped logo over an image of mountains, in the style of illusory gradient, adventurecore, rounded shapes, matte photo, animated gifs, automatism

Prompt: the letter g is colorful and in a square box, in the style of light leaks, web-based art, creative commons attribution, irridescent, justin gerard, dark gray and indigo, vibrant color gradients –ar 35:36

Prompt: a colorful abstract geometrical shape logo, in the style of subtle gradients, 8k 3d, creative commons attribution, cubo-futurism, rounded, flickr, translucent color –ar 69:71

Minimal Logo Prompts

Prompt: a minimal gold rose on a black background, in the style of simple line drawings, brown and bronze, glen keane, personal iconography, romantic illustrations, bentwood, bold-graphic

Prompt: Minimal line logo of a piece of bread, vector

Prompt: a flower with leaves on a black background, in the style of simplified shapes, dark bronze and brown, minimalist line drawings, hurufiyya, made of wrought iron, logo, feminine sensibilities

Prompt: minimalistic linear logo design

Mascot Logo Prompts

Prompt: cartoon style esports logo simple panda

Prompt: Simple mascot for a fish company, japanese style

Emblem Logo Prompts

Prompt: caramune glamare vintage image on black background, in the style of auto body works, graphic design-inspired illustrations, animated gifs, gemstone, cluj school, jamcore, detailed character design –ar 18:17

Prompt: logo design for ungou onesti with golden ornaments, in the style of grandiose ruins, light brown and navy, animated gifs, regional gothic, gongbi, arched doorways, exaggerated caricatures –ar 36:35

Lettermark Logo Prompts

Prompt: minimalist logo of letter “A”

Prompt: modern and simple logo design, D, letter d, one color, vector, 8k

Understanding Midjourney Logo Prompts

Midjourney logo prompts are crucial in the design process, helping designers create impactful logos. Effective prompts shape brand identity while incorporating them into your own design process leads to client collaboration and satisfaction. Examples inspire creativity, enhancing logo designs.

Various Types of Logos and their Significance

Wordmark logos use stylized fonts for a strong brand identity. Symbol or iconic logos utilize unique symbols or icons for easy recognition. Lettermark logos feature initials, creating simplicity and memorability. Combination mark logos combine text and symbols for impact. Emblems or crest logos have a traditional, detailed look. Abstract or geometric logos offer a modern, visually appealing design.

Lettermark Logos and Their Role in Branding

Lettermark logos, also known as typographic designs, utilize initials or acronyms to represent a brand. Commonly adopted by companies with long or hard-to-pronounce names, these logos are simple, clean, and highly recognizable. They play a crucial role in establishing brand recognition and creating a strong visual identity. Additionally, lettermark logos are versatile, easily adaptable to various marketing materials and platforms.

Emblems Logos: A Blend of Tradition and Class

Emblems logos represent tradition, heritage, and authority. They consist of a symbol enclosed within a shape or border with the company name or initials. Often used by government organizations, universities, and luxury brands, emblems convey professionalism and reliability, making them ideal for industries like law, finance, and automotive. However, their complexity may limit versatility in certain applications.

The Charm of Mascot Logos

Mascot logos utilize characters or animals to represent a brand, creating a friendly and approachable image. Popular among sports teams, schools, and children’s brands, they establish strong connections with the target audience. Mascot logos are versatile, used in various marketing materials like merchandise, advertisements, and social media campaigns.

Resolving Common Issues in Logo Design

Choosing the perfect color palette, ensuring scalability without compromising quality, creating uniqueness in design, finding the balance between simplicity and complexity, and understanding the target audience and industry are key factors in resolving common issues in logo design.

How to Fix Bad Text in Your Logo?

To fix text issues in your logo, start by identifying specific problems like poor font choice or readability. Consider changing the font to better align with your brand identity and improve legibility. Adjust size, spacing, and alignment for a more polished appearance. Seek outside feedback or consult with a professional designer if needed.

Tips to Enhance Your Logo Design

Simplicity is key for a memorable and versatile logo. Choose the right colors and typography that match your brand’s personality. Ensure scalability and uniqueness, while testing for versatility in different formats and backgrounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my logo stand out from competitors in my industry?

To make your logo stand out from competitors, start by researching their logos to understand their design choices and branding strategies. Then, find a unique angle or concept that sets your brand apart and incorporate it into your logo design. Experiment with color, typography, and visual elements to create a visually striking and memorable logo. Finally, test your design with target customers and gather feedback for necessary revisions.

What are some tips for choosing the right colors and fonts for my logo?

When selecting colors for your logo, consider the psychology behind them and choose ones that align with your brand values and target audience. For fonts, opt for legible options that reflect your brand’s personality. Stick to a maximum of two or three colors and fonts to maintain a cohesive and professional look. Experiment with different combinations to find what resonates best with your brand image.


In conclusion, midjourney logo prompts play a crucial role in creating successful logo designs. Understanding the different types of logos and their significance can help you make informed decisions about your branding strategy. Whether you choose a lettermark logo for simplicity, an emblem logo for tradition, or a mascot logo for charm, each type has its own unique benefits. Additionally, resolving common issues in logo design, such as fixing bad text and enhancing overall design, can elevate your brand’s identity. If you have any questions or want to share your thoughts on midjourney logo prompts, feel free to comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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