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Text Cortex Review
Text Cortex

Text Cortex is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to revolutionize the way you create, communicate, and collaborate. It’s a platform that tailors artificial intelligence to your unique style and needs, meticulously crafting content from your inputs and style. This platform is ideal for creating blog posts, essays, articles, and more with the help of your AI assistant, Zeno.

Text Cortex Features

Text Cortex offers a variety of features to enhance your writing experience. These include:

  1. Zeno Assistant: This AI assistant helps you create blog posts, essays, and articles.
  2. Sentence Rewriting: Overthinking and worrying about your wording is a thing of the past. Text Cortex can rewrite your sentences for you.
  3. Grammar & Spelling Correction: Text Cortex can fix grammar and spelling mistakes, ensuring your content is error-free.
  4. Text Summarization: This feature allows you to condense long texts into a short summary with key points.
  5. Content Expansion: If you need to add new sentences to your content, Text Cortex can help you make your content longer.
  6. Translation: Text Cortex supports translation in 25+ languages, allowing you to write in French, German, Spanish, Swedish, and many more.
  7. ZenoChat: This feature provides a fully customizable AI experience. ZenoChat can fetch any up-to-date information from the internet or from any of your data sources. You can add your AI Persona and customize ZenoChat to make it sound like whomever you want.

Text Cortex Pricing

As for the pricing, Text Cortex offers three plans:

  1. Free Plan: Upon signing up, users receive 25 creations to their account, which they can use however they like. After using the initial 50 credits, users will receive 10 creations every day. Users can review Text Cortex on Capterra, G2, Trustreview to get additional single usage creations or refer friends to get additional daily creations.
  2. Lite Plan: For $29.99 per month, users get up to 2800 creations per month, up to 10 custom personas, up to 10 knowledge bases, a maximum of 2GB storage, up to 36 messages per chat, and a maximum of 64 chat histories.
  3. Unlimited Plan: For $83.99 per month, users get unlimited creations, custom personas, knowledge bases, storage, unrestricted GPT-4 and Web Search usage, the ability to rewrite 2000-word articles, and unlimited chat histories.

Text Cortex has been recognized as one of the top 200 AI companies in Europe by DT2 Invest and the European Commission. It has received numerous positive reviews from users, praising its ability to generate unique and custom-fit texts for various uses.

Text Cortex Review

Pros of TextCortex:

  1. TextCortex’s paraphrase tool is highly praised by users. It can paraphrase in many languages and offers a variety of tones and styles. It’s considered better than most similar tools on the market.
  2. The platform is capable of writing coherently and paraphrasing large chunks of text into a reasonable caption. It’s likened to working with a much faster human research assistant.
  3. Users have found that TextCortex can help improve their writing skills and increase productivity. It’s particularly useful for writing emails and managing inboxes more effectively.
  4. TextCortex is appreciated for its comprehensive features, especially for business users. It offers a variety of templates and the ability to post directly to social media platforms.
  5. The platform is considered very versatile and doesn’t require much prior knowledge on prompting, making it user-friendly.
  6. TextCortex is seen as a game-changer for companies and entrepreneurs struggling to produce text material. It can save up to 70% of the time typically spent on content creation.
  7. Users have found that TextCortex can help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the content production process. It offers suggestions to help people write more authentically and unleash their creativity.

Cons of TextCortex:

  1. Some users have found that when they rephrase different parts of the text and want to use the same tone, style, and length, they have to select each of these options for every paragraph. This can be annoying, especially with long texts.
  2. Users have reported that they need to give the same clear prompt each time. If they ask the AI to “do this again but with x language,” it may start buffering endlessly.
  3. Some users have found the pricing to be a limitation, especially for beginner writers. The cost is considered high compared to the value it provides.
  4. There was no free trial to test out the pro or business features, which some users found disappointing. The platform was also a little difficult to figure out at first.
  5. Some users have found the free version to be too limited in terms of features and the number of words per creation. The number of creations itself is also limited in the free version.
  6. A few users have reported that TextCortex didn’t cope with the task of generating an HTML code for the web page they needed at that time.
  7. Some users have found the interface to be not very functional. The AI runs but doesn’t stop and doesn’t achieve the final treatment of the user’s order, leading to some confusion.
  8. Some users have found that TextCortex doesn’t allow you to test the product in certain languages for free. You need to pay the full year, which can be a barrier for some users.

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