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Speechify Review

Speechify is a cutting-edge tool that uses artificial intelligence to convert text into speech. Whether it’s a PDF, an email, a document, or a webpage, Speechify can read it aloud for you. 


Speechify is a leading text-to-speech application that uses artificial intelligence to convert written words into spoken words. It can read aloud from a variety of sources such as PDFs, emails, documents, or any website, instantly transforming text into audio. The application supports multiple languages including English, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, and allows users to customize their listening experience by selecting their preferred accent and character.

The application works by scanning the words on a page and reading them out loud without any lag. Users can modify the default voice, change accents, languages, and even adjust the speaking rate. The AI technology behind Speechify has made significant strides in voice synthesis, capable of interpreting formatted text and adjusting tone accordingly. The result is a natural-sounding speech that is far from the robotic voices of the past.

Speechify can be installed on mobile devices or as a browser extension on laptops. It allows users to convert text to speech from any website within their browser, read aloud emails, and more. The web version is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

The application is beneficial for a wide range of users. It can aid children in their development by reading out their favorite books or school readings. Parents can use it to read work emails or other texts while multitasking. College students and professionals can use it to read documents at up to 5x the speed, enhancing productivity and comprehension. It’s also a great tool for those with reading challenges such as dyslexia.

Speechify Features

Speechify is a cutting-edge tool that uses artificial intelligence to convert text into speech. Whether it’s a PDF, an email, a document, or a webpage, Speechify can read it aloud for you. This technology, also known as Text-to-Speech (TTS), read aloud, or speech synthesis, doesn’t rely on voice artists recording phrases or words. Instead, it generates speech in real-time, providing an instant, natural-sounding voice for any text.

Speechify offers a range of features that make it a versatile tool for various users. It boasts official celebrity voices, including Snoop Dogg and Gwyneth Paltrow, with more to come. Users can adjust the speed of the AI voices, which can read up to 9x faster than the average reading speed, allowing you to absorb more information in less time. The application is available on both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring that your saved content syncs across all platforms for easy access anytime, anywhere.

The AI voices used by Speechify are designed to sound fluid and human-like, providing a more engaging listening experience. The application supports over 30 languages, each with multiple voices for a more personalized experience. Users can also upload large documents for conversion into speech, making it a handy tool for reading lengthy materials.

In terms of pricing, Speechify offers a free version that allows users to convert text to speech and download it as an audio file. For access to HD voices and official celebrity voices, users can opt for the premium subscription.

Speechify was initially designed to assist individuals with dyslexia, but its use has expanded to benefit a wide range of users. Students can use it to read faster and retain more information, while professionals such as lawyers and doctors can quickly familiarize themselves with case files and other extensive reading materials. Parents can use it to read stories to their children, and podcast lovers can convert their favorite blogs, news articles, or lengthy PDFs into listenable content. The application is also beneficial for individuals with disabilities that make reading challenging.

Speechify Pricing

Speechify Pricing

Speechify offers different pricing plans to suit various needs and budgets. The free version, Speechify Limited, offers 10 standard reading voices, listening speeds up to 1x, and basic text-to-speech features. The premium version, Speechify Premium, costs $11.58 per month (billed annually at $139) and offers over 30 high-quality reading voices, 20+ different languages, listening speeds up to 5x, and advanced features like highlighting and note-taking.

For users who need voice-over services, Speechify offers a Professional plan at $59 per month, providing unlimited downloads, access to all 120+ voices, all 20+ languages and accents, 100 hours of voice generation per user per year, and commercial usage rights. An Enterprise plan with additional features is also available, with pricing available upon contact.

Speechify also offers an Audiobooks plan at $9.99 per month (billed annually at $120), which provides actor-narrated audiobooks, 1 free credit with trial, 12 credits per year, access to 60,000+ titles, newest releases, all best-sellers, and 1000’s of free audiobooks.

In terms of pros and cons, Speechify’s premium version offers a wide range of high-quality voices and advanced features, making it a versatile tool for various reading needs. However, the free version is somewhat limited, and the premium version may be a significant investment for some users.

Speechify Review

Based on user reviews from Trustpilot, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Speechify:


  1. Increased Reading Speed and Comprehension: Users have reported that Speechify has significantly increased their reading speed and comprehension. This is particularly beneficial for students and professionals who need to consume large volumes of text in a short amount of time.
  2. Variety of Voices: Speechify offers a wide range of voices, including celebrity voices, which users have found enjoyable and engaging.
  3. Excellent Customer Support: Users have praised Speechify’s customer support team for their quick and helpful responses.
  4. Useful for People with ADHD: Some users with ADHD have found Speechify to be a valuable tool that helps them focus on reading or listening.
  5. Time-Saving: Users have reported that Speechify has saved them a significant amount of time, particularly when they need to read a lot of material for work or school.


  1. Technical Glitches: Some users have reported experiencing technical issues with the app, such as it stopping working or buffering.
  2. Billing Issues: There have been instances where users have had problems with billing, such as being charged the full amount after accepting a discounted offer.
  3. App Usability: Some users have found the app to be difficult to use, particularly when trying to get the AI to read something specific.
  4. Voice Selection: Some users have expressed a desire for the app to remember their chosen narrator voice, rather than defaulting to the standard voice each time.
  5. Mobile App Issues: Some users have reported problems with the mobile app version of Speechify, stating that it stopped working and hasn’t been fixed.

Please note that these pros and cons are based on user reviews and experiences, and individual experiences may vary.

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