Snappd Review

Snappd is a platform designed to humanize e-commerce brands through the power of video. It aims to transform faceless, impersonal online stores into relatable, trustworthy brands by adding a human touch. Snappd enables brands to create interactive videos that can be shared and added directly to their websites, complete with pixel retargeting and engaging call-to-action prompts.

The platform is built on the principle of enhancing a brand’s “Know, Like, Trust” factor, which is crucial for building a long-lasting brand that customers love and advocate for. Snappd believes that video content, whether it’s from the team behind the brand or from loyal customers, is the best way to build trust and social proof for online-first brands.

Snappd is not just about creating videos; it’s about maximizing your brand’s potential in the rapidly growing e-commerce landscape. With the surge in e-commerce growth and the increasing number of people coming online, Snappd provides an opportunity for mission-driven brands to connect with their customers on a personal level. The platform is designed to help brands capitalize on the fact that consumers are six times more likely to purchase from a mission-driven brand.

In essence, Snappd is on a mission to humanize the world of e-commerce, helping brands to create a personal connection with their customers and turn them into raving fans.

Snappd Pricing

Snappd offers three different pricing plans including the Starter package for $19 per month, Premium for $49 per month and Enterprise for $149 per month.

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