SlidesAI Review

SlidesAI is an AI-powered tool designed to transform text into professional and engaging presentation slides. This innovative application is designed to save users from the time-consuming task of manual slide creation, allowing them to generate presentations from any text in a matter of seconds.

Key Features of SlidesAI:

  1. AI-Powered Slide Creation: SlidesAI uses artificial intelligence to analyze your text and generate structured presentations. It can automatically generate subtitles for each page and convert paragraphs into point form.
  2. Integration with Google Slides: SlidesAI seamlessly integrates with Google Slides, making it easy to import and export your presentations.
  3. Customer Support: SlidesAI offers prompt and effective customer support. Users have reported receiving assistance directly from the app’s designer, which has proven to be very helpful in troubleshooting.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: The platform is intuitive and easy to use, even for those who are not tech-savvy.

Slides AI Pricing:

SlidesAI offers three pricing tiers:

  • Basic: This free plan allows users to create up to 3 presentations per month, with a maximum of 2500 characters input per presentation.
  • Pro: Aimed at students and educators, this plan offers up to 10 presentations per month, with a maximum of 6000 characters input per presentation. It also includes the upcoming feature of document upload.
  • Premium: Designed for business and marketing professionals, this plan offers unlimited presentations, with a maximum of 12000 characters input per presentation. It also includes the upcoming feature of document upload.

Please note that the prices for the Pro and Premium plans are not specified on the website and may require contacting the company for more details.

SlidesAI Review

Pros of SlidesAI:

  1. Functionality: SlidesAI offers a range of features that can be beneficial for creating slides.

Cons of SlidesAI:

  1. Subscription Cancellation: The process of tracking and canceling the required subscription is reported to be nearly impossible. The transactions come from “”, and the receipt directs users to this site for cancellation. However, it’s just a bot that reportedly can’t assist with account closure.
  2. Lack of Clear Instructions: Users have reported that finding instructions to cancel the subscription is a difficult process that needs to be done as part of creating new slides. This is the only way to access the account, and users have reported that they wouldn’t have found it without external help.
  3. Poor Communication: The company has been criticized for not communicating effectively with its customers. Users have suggested that the company should provide a clear, step-by-step path on how to cancel the subscription and include this information in the chatbot at Paddle.

How To Cancel SlidesAI?

Despite the feedback from some users, SlidesAI has outlined how to cancel their service here.

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