Quest AI Review

Quest AI Review
Quest AI

Quest AI is an innovative tool that leverages artificial intelligence to transform your custom designs into functional ReactJS code. It’s designed to automate the tedious parts of building an app, giving developers full control to create whatever they want.

AI-Powered Code Generation

Quest AI’s models generate real, useful code that incorporates all the things professional developers care about. You can use their chat prompt to modify styling, write business logic, and connect to your backend. This means you can convert your designs into code and push them directly to your GitHub repository, ready for launch.

Responsive Multi-Screen Experiences

With Quest AI, you can build responsive, multi-screen experiences with custom break points. This feature allows your app to adapt to different browser window sizes, ensuring a seamless user experience across various devices.

Production-Ready Code

Quest AI generates clean, extendable code that adheres to the best industry standards. You can either build a full app or a page with multiple nested components. The code generated can be easily extended to add your own use cases or business logic.

Design Systems Integration

Quest AI natively supports Material-UI (MUI), Chakra, and Ant (coming soon). You can also effortlessly integrate your own design system or any other design system of your choice.

Seamless Design-Development Updates

One of the standout features of Quest AI is its intelligent separation of concerns between the presentation layer and business logic. This means you can update designs easily without having to rewrite your code.

No Vendor Lock-In

With Quest AI, you can download the code or push it to your GitHub. The tool generates industry-standard React components, so you don’t have to worry about vendor lock-in. You own the code fully and completely, giving you full control of your app now and forever.

Built for Teams

Quest AI is designed for development teams. You can bring your team onboard and organize your work by Apps and Workspaces, allowing you to build and iterate fast. This makes your design-development workflow efficient, helping you build and iterate faster than ever.

Templates and Components

Quest AI offers over 1000+ structured design templates and components that can jump-start your app. These MUI-based components automatically convert to working React code, providing responsive, custom auto-layout components set up with breakpoints.

In summary, Quest AI is a powerful tool that blends the power of AI with the flexibility of custom design, enabling developers to create high-quality, responsive, and efficient applications.

Quest AI Pricing

Free Plan Cost: $0 per month per workspace user Ideal for: Personal projects Features:

  • Access to 20 components
  • One workspace
  • One app
  • Up to three team members

Pro Plan Cost: $58 per month per workspace user Ideal for: Small groups of builders Features:

  • Unlimited components
  • One workspace
  • Two apps per workspace
  • Unlimited team members

Business Plan Cost: $93 per month per workspace user Ideal for: Companies with multiple teams Features:

  • Unlimited components
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Five apps per workspace
  • Unlimited team members

Enterprise Plan Cost: Custom pricing tailored to needs Ideal for: Organizations with special requirements Features:

  • Unlimited components
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Unlimited apps
  • Unlimited team members

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