Preppr Review

Preppr is a user-friendly and efficient tool designed to streamline the process of scheduling social media posts. It’s primarily targeted towards Instagram, but also supports Facebook and Twitter. Preppr enables users to craft the perfect post and then takes care of the posting process for them. This tool is particularly beneficial for busy Instagram users, influencers, and community moderators who manage multiple groups or accounts.

Preppr’s key advantage is its ability to save users’ time by allowing them to plan and schedule all posts at the beginning of each week, leaving them free to focus on engagement. It also provides the flexibility to accommodate spontaneous content opportunities. Users have praised Preppr for its assistance in managing multiple Instagram accounts and for the significant time savings it offers.

Whether you’re an influencer managing a large follower base, a social media manager juggling multiple accounts, or a business owner looking to grow your online presence, Preppr offers a convenient and effective solution for social media scheduling and management.

Key Features of Preppr

  1. Post Scheduling: Preppr offers a user-friendly interface for scheduling posts. It suggests optimal times for posts and includes a hashtag search tool to find popular hashtags. Users can also tag people or locations in their posts.
  2. First Comment: Preppr allows users to write the first comment under their posts, providing an opportunity to engage with their audience right away.
  3. Simple Bio Link: Preppr offers a basic link page design tool. While it’s easy to use, its simplicity may not appeal to all users.
  4. Calendar View: Preppr provides a calendar view of all scheduled posts, allowing users to select a date and add a post for that day. This feature helps users maintain control over their page and analyze their performance better.

Reviews of Preppr

While Preppr does a commendable job in helping users organize their posts, it has some areas for improvement:

  1. No Story Scheduler: Instagram stories are a popular feature that significantly contributes to page growth. However, Preppr does not support this feature, which may lead users to seek other platforms that do.
  2. Simple Link Managing Tool: The visual appeal of a bio link page is important for many users, especially brands with marketing purposes. Preppr’s link managing tool is quite simple compared to other platforms like AiSchedul.
  3. Limited Features: Preppr is primarily a post scheduler with a few additional features. Users may seek other platforms that offer a wider range of services.

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