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OneUp Review

What is OneUp?

OneUp is a robust and user-friendly social media scheduling tool designed to streamline your social media management. With a user base of over 80,000 who have published more than 22 million posts, OneUp has proven itself as a reliable tool for managing social media posts.

Features of OneUp

  1. Direct Posting to Instagram: OneUp allows you to schedule Instagram posts with up to 10 images (carousel posts), Stories, and Reels that publish directly, eliminating the need for mobile notifications. It supports First Comment and Location tagging.
  2. Posting to Multiple Platforms: With OneUp, you can post your videos directly to TikTok, Shorts, Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn simultaneously. It supports thumbnails for TikTok, Shorts, and Instagram Reels.
  3. Auto-generate Captions: OneUp can automatically generate captions for your posts. Simply click the “Auto-generate caption” button, enter any prompt, and OneUp will generate a caption for your post within seconds. You can make any necessary edits or adjustments before scheduling the post.
  4. Schedule Twitter Threads: OneUp allows you to create and schedule Twitter threads with videos, GIFs, or multiple images attached to each tweet. If your text is long, OneUp can auto-split it into a Twitter thread.
  5. Schedule Instagram Stories: You can visually plan and schedule Instagram Stories, and publish them directly to Instagram.
  6. Canva Integration: You can create images in Canva without leaving OneUp, and have them directly added to your post.
  7. Analytics: OneUp provides in-depth analytics and allows you to automatically generate weekly or monthly reports for all your social media accounts.
  8. Hashtag Groups: You can create hashtag groups in OneUp, then click the “Insert” button and all the hashtags in that hashtag group will be added to your post (or First Comment).
  9. Multi-image and Video Posts: OneUp allows you to schedule multi-image posts with up to 10 images in each post, as well as video posts. You can paste images directly from your clipboard for easy image uploads.
  10. Bulk Upload: You can upload and schedule multiple posts at once via CSV, Google Drive, Dropbox, or directly from your computer.
  11. Media Gallery: OneUp allows you to upload all your images, GIFs, and videos to your Media Gallery, then add them to your posts as you create them.
  12. Post Preview: You can preview how your posts will look on each social network while you are creating your posts.
  13. Text Formatting: OneUp allows you to change the font in your posts to bold, italics, or 15 other font options.
  14. First Comment: You can add a First Comment on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts.
  15. YouTube and YouTube Shorts: OneUp allows you to schedule YouTube videos and YouTube Shorts (with the ability to add thumbnails for both).
  16. Reply directly to Google reviews: You can view and reply directly to Google Business Profile reviews inside your OneUp account, with the ability to auto-generate replies powered by AI.
  17. Auto-post FROM social networks or RSS feeds: OneUp allows you to automatically post FROM one social account TO another social account. Or you can auto-post from RSS feeds.
  18. Add Alt Text to images: You can add Alt Text to images on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter posts.
  19. Shareable Calendar Links: You can create view-only calendar links so your clients or coworkers can easily get a visual on both Scheduled and Published posts – WITHOUT needing to give them login access to your OneUp account.
  20. Assign specific social accounts to Team Members: Team members will only be able to see and create posts for social accounts that they have been granted access to (and will NOT see any accounts or posts that they have NOT been granted access to).
  21. Post approvals: OneUp gives you the option to require that a team member’s posts be approved by an admin before they can be published.
  22. Collaborate using internal notes on posts: You can add internal notes on posts, and @mention team members to collaborate. If you @mention a team member, they will receive an email from OneUp notifying them that they were mentioned in an internal note.
  23. Schedule posts to personal Facebook Profiles: OneUp allows you to schedule posts to Facebook Profiles (via mobile notifications), as well as direct publishing to Facebook Pages and Groups.
  24. Create AI-generated images: You can create AI-generated images and add them directly onto the post you are scheduling inside.

Pricing of OneUp

OneUp offers a range of pricing plans to accommodate different needs:

  1. Solo Plan: Priced at $4 per month, this plan includes 3 social accounts and allows for unlimited scheduled posts.
  2. Starter Plan: At $9 per month, this plan includes 10 social accounts and also allows for unlimited scheduled posts.
  3. Growth Plan: This plan costs $19 per month and includes 25 social accounts with unlimited scheduled posts.
  4. Agency Plan: Priced at $49 per month, this plan includes 70 social accounts and unlimited scheduled posts.
  5. Enterprise Plan: This plan costs $99 per month and includes 150 social accounts with unlimited scheduled posts.

All the paid plans come with a 7-day free trial. The pricing is in USD, and for foreign transactions, the currency conversion will be performed by your credit card provider after the charge. Payments are secured by Stripe.

OneUp Review

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of OneUp, as shared by users on G2:

Advantages of OneUp:

  1. OneUp offers the ability to schedule and automatically repeat posts on various social media platforms, which users find incredibly convenient and time-saving.
  2. Users appreciate the platform’s ease of use and intuitive layout, which allows for efficient management of social media content.
  3. The ability to group social channels, check upcoming and published posts on a calendar, and view them in a queue is highly valued.
  4. Users have praised OneUp’s customer service for their prompt responses and helpfulness.
  5. The platform’s affordability is also a major plus for many users, who feel they are getting excellent value for their money.
  6. OneUp’s support for Google My Business and the ability to add new features upon request have also been highlighted.

Disadvantages of OneUp:

  1. Some users have reported occasional technical issues, although these were usually resolved quickly by the OneUp team.
  2. A few users have expressed a desire for the ability to reply to comments on their social media posts directly from OneUp.
  3. Some users have mentioned that the user interface can be a bit clunky initially, but becomes easier to navigate with use.
  4. One user reported an issue with billing, where they were charged a monthly fee after a free trial despite having cancelled the service.
  5. A few users have mentioned that they would like to see improvements in the graphical user interface and the addition of more advanced features.

Please note that these are user opinions and experiences, and individual experiences with the platform may vary.

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