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The Character Limit of ChatGPT

ChatGPT, the AI language model developed by OpenAI, has a character limit for each interaction. This limit is set to ensure optimal performance and manage server load. As of now, the model has a maximum limit of 4096 tokens per request. A token can be as short as one character or as long as one word. For example, “a” is one token, and “apple” is also one token.

The Implications of the Character Limit

The character limit of ChatGPT has implications for the length of the text you can generate. If your prompt is too long, it may not leave enough tokens for the model to generate a response. Similarly, if the model’s response is too long, it may exceed the token limit. This is why it’s crucial to manage your token usage effectively.

ChatGPT’s Inability To Count Letters or Characters

Since ChatGPT doesn’t have an inherent understanding of what constitutes a ‘word’ or a ‘character’ in the same way humans do. This means that when asked to count the number of words or characters in a text, ChatGPT may not provide an accurate count. Its token-based operation doesn’t align perfectly with our human understanding of words and characters, leading to potential discrepancies. For users, this means that relying on ChatGPT for tasks requiring precise word or character counts may not yield accurate results. While the model excels at generating text and understanding context, tasks involving counting or quantifying text elements fall outside its core strengths. Users should be aware of this limitation when using ChatGPT and consider employing other tools for precise word or character counting tasks.

Tips To Get ChatGPT Write Longer Responses

When I did the prompt “write an essay about surviving a tornado,” ChatGPT wrote a measly 520 words (3,373 characters).

Instead, here are some prompts to help you write longer-form content.

Step 1: Prompt ChatGPT To Write Chapters

It’s always a good idea to ask ChatGPT to provide chapters for something you’re wanting to write about and then in the following prompts ask GPT to expand on those topics. Here’s the example of “How To Survive a Tornado.”

Step 1: Prompt ChatGPT To Write Chapters

Step 2: Ask ChatGPT To Write In-Depth About Each Chapter

Chapter 1 - ChatGpt

By asking ChatGPT to write in-depth about each chapter, now Chapter 1 alone is 460 words. By this math, 10 Chapters would be roughly 4,600 words.

Step 3: Regenerate Responses

Sometimes, clicking on the ‘Regenerate Response’ button will give you more in-depth answers than those initially provided by ChatGPT.

We hope this guide helped you to generate longer responses on ChatGPT.

If you are still unhappy with the results, consider a Content AI Tool such as Writesonic, Scalenut, or Frase.

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