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GrowthBar SEO Review
Growthbar SEO

GrowthBar is a highly-rated AI writing tool designed to streamline the process of researching, writing, and optimizing SEO content. It’s a comprehensive solution that enables users to create SEO-friendly blog content up to 10 times faster, making it a favorite among marketing agencies, in-house marketers, content creators, and editors.

GrowthBar’s features include:

  1. Content Generation: With a single click, GrowthBar scans hundreds of Google SERP results and generates an SEO-optimized outline for your blog or website. This includes optimal headings, keywords, word counts, internal links, and more. With another click, you can use GrowthBar’s AI writing assistant to write your blog post. You can also audit your existing blog posts.
  2. Team Collaboration: You can invite your writers, marketers, and editors to work together and produce SEO-optimized content faster than ever.
  3. 2-Minute Blog Builder: This feature allows you to go from an outline to a 1,500-word blog post in just 2 minutes. You can drag and drop headlines, and let GrowthBar’s AI write your entire blog post while providing SEO optimizations along the way.
  4. Keywords & Competitors Research: Plan your content roadmap with 7 billion keyword suggestions, complete with difficulty scores and estimated revenue metrics. You can also see your competitors’ keywords, Google Ads, and backlinks.
  5. Custom AI Models: You can upload your best content, and GrowthBar will create a custom AI model for your business, allowing you to write in your brand style and voice.

GrowthBar is loved by thousands of marketers and agencies and is available in about 20 languages and 25 countries. It also comes with a free Chrome extension that enables you to write with AI in WordPress and get keyword and competitive insights while you Google search.

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GrowthBar offers three pricing tiers to cater to different user needs:

  1. Standard Plan: Priced at $29 per month (or $48 per month without the 39% discount), the Standard Plan offers a range of AI writing tools, including 25 AI blog articles or audits per month, 500 AI paragraph generations per month, and unlimited AI chat with GrowthBar. It also provides unlimited keyword research, tracking for 25 keywords across one site, and 300 competitor keywords per query. The plan supports two user accounts and offers email support.
  2. Pro Plan: The Pro Plan costs $79 per month (or $99 per month without the 29% discount). It includes 100 AI blog articles or audits per month, 2,000 AI paragraph generations per month, and unlimited AI chat with GrowthBar. It allows tracking of 1,000 keywords across three sites, 1,000 competitor keywords per query, and supports five user accounts. It also includes a feature for writer draft sharing.
  3. Agency Plan: The Agency Plan is priced at $129 per month (or $199 per month without the 20% discount). It offers 300 AI blog articles or audits per month, 5,000 AI paragraph generations per month, and unlimited AI chat with GrowthBar. It allows tracking of 5,000 keywords across 25 sites, 2,000 competitor keywords per query, and supports ten user accounts. It also includes live support and a feature for writer draft sharing.

Please note that the introductory pricing is for three months for monthly plans and 12 months for yearly plans. For more than ten seats, a demo of GrowthBar can be requested.


Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of GrowthBar, as shared by its users:


  1. Comprehensive Research Tool: Users appreciate that GrowthBar aids in the research part of writing an article, providing all the necessary information about competing articles in one place.
  2. Intuitive Interface: The platform is praised for its user-friendly interface, which simplifies the creation of AI-generated blog posts.
  3. Time-Saving: Bloggers find that GrowthBar’s AI blog outline and writing features streamline the process, enabling them to get more work done in less time.
  4. Effective for SEO: Users have found GrowthBar to be a significant aid in their SEO efforts, helping to reduce time, cost, and effort in ramping up their content and SEO strategies.
  5. Keyword Research: Users find the keyword research feature particularly useful, allowing them to target high-traffic, low-competition keywords.


  1. Limited Features: Some users wish it had additional features to enhance their writing process. For instance, while it provides reading scores, users would like it to also highlight sentences that are too long so they can be fixed.
  2. Learning Curve: Some users mention a learning curve in putting together blog posts and refining the auto-generated text.
  3. Price: A few users find the pricing a bit high compared to similar tools.
  4. Backlink Research: Some users found the backlink research features did not offer much in-depth information on their competitors.
  5. Keyword Research Organization: One user suggested that keyword research should be organized by the highest organic traffic first within the app.

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