FastComments Review

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FastComments Review

FastComments is a dynamic and user-friendly commenting solution designed to prioritize speed and user experience. It offers live, real-time conversations on your website or application, making it an excellent tool for fostering community engagement.

One of the key features of FastComments is its scalability. Whether you have millions of pages or thousands of comments per page, FastComments ensures smooth and efficient operation. It also offers easy-to-use and well-documented integrations, providing direct developer support.

FastComments also takes moderation seriously. It offers efficient moderation tools, including bulk actions and moderation groups, allowing you to invite your moderators and get them to work quickly.

Migration is made easy with FastComments. It offers automated migration from various platforms such as WordPress, Disqus, Commento, Muut Comments, IntenseDebate, and JustComments.

FastComments also helps fight spam with a continuously trained classifier and has the ability to automatically remove unverified comments. It also offers fine-grained, high-level, scheduled, or immediate notifications.

Other features include code and markdown support, adaptability to your site’s theme, localization in 14+ languages, custom email templates, anonymous commenting, @mentions, #hashtags, GIFs, user profiles, direct messaging, ratings, reactions, surveys, and more.

FastComments Review

FastComments is a commenting system that has received mixed reviews from its users.

Positive feedback includes:

  1. Ease of Use: Users have praised FastComments for its simplicity and user-friendly interface. They find it easy to install and appreciate the robust, up-to-date, and user-friendly documentation.
  2. Customization: Users appreciate the many customization options that FastComments offers. They also value the ability to comment anonymously.
  3. Support: The support team at FastComments has been commended for their quick response times and helpfulness. Users have reported that the team is knowledgeable and willing to troubleshoot issues.
  4. Privacy and Security: Users have highlighted the importance of privacy and security, and they appreciate that FastComments collects as little data as possible.

Negative feedback includes:

  1. Login Issues: Some users have reported difficulties with logging in. They have experienced long wait times for email confirmations and automatic login not working as expected.
  2. Account Deletion: A user reported that their account was randomly deleted and a new one was created with everything reset. However, FastComments responded that they have never deleted a user’s account without their request and suggested that the user might have signed in with a different email or username.
  3. Implementation Issues: Despite the ease of following instructions, some users have reported that the tools did not work in practice. They also mentioned that the support team stopped responding to their questions about implementing the product or getting around the issues.
  4. Comparisons to Other Platforms: Some users have compared FastComments unfavorably to other commenting systems like Disqus, citing issues with login and account management.

In conclusion, while FastComments has been praised for its ease of use, customization options, and responsive support, it has also faced criticism for issues with login, account management, and implementation.

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