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EverBee Review

What is EverBee?

EverBee is a powerful tool designed to help Etsy sellers optimize their product offerings and increase sales. It provides valuable insights into high-demand products on Etsy, allowing sellers to create and sell items that are currently trending.

Features of EverBee

  1. Product Research: EverBee enables users to discover high-demand products to sell on Etsy. This feature allows sellers to create items that are currently trending, thereby increasing the likelihood of making sales.
  2. Revenue Analytics: This feature provides insights into how other Etsy listings are performing. By understanding the revenue potential of different products, sellers can make informed decisions about what items to create and sell.
  3. Save Time: With EverBee, sellers can focus on creating and selling products that people are actually buying. This feature helps to eliminate the guesswork and time spent on creating items that may not sell.
  4. Create Best-Sellers: EverBee provides the tools and insights needed to create best-selling items. By understanding what customers want, sellers can build a growing and sustainable business on Etsy.

Pricing of EverBee

EverBee offers three pricing plans:

  1. Free Plan: This plan offers 10 analytics searches per month, revenue analytics, and tags analytics.
  2. Basic Plan: This plan provides 30 analytics searches per month, revenue analytics, tags analytics, and unlimited uses of the favorites folder.
  3. Premium Plan: This plan offers unlimited analytics searches per month, unlimited listing tags per month, unlimited revenue estimates, unlimited uses of the favorites folder, additional listing data (including listing reviews, processing time, shipping location, and more), and additional shop data (including shop age, shop review count, and more).

EverBee Pricing

In my approach to optimizing Etsy listings, I would consider using EverBee in conjunction with an Etsy SEO tool such as eRank or Marmalead. This is because EverBee, while offering valuable insights into trending products, does not provide the in-depth keyword data that these other tools can offer, which are essential for brainstorming keyword ideas and refining my listings.

However, this preference stems from my inclination towards data-driven strategies over manual searches on Etsy using a Chrome extension to gather the necessary information.

Given the unique aspects of every Etsy business, I strongly advocate for a personal trial of EverBee. By doing so, you can gauge its effectiveness and determine whether it aligns with your business operations and goals on Etsy. It’s all about finding the right tools that cater to your specific needs and enhance your business performance.

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